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  • Yost Watch

    4 members Latest Activity: Mar 31

    This group monitors and reports the communication from VA Delegate Joseph Yost.  If your interested in what Del Yost is saying and prefer to make…

  • MCDC Tech

    4 members Latest Activity: May 16, 2012

    This is the MCDP Information and Tech Committee

  • LoCu℠

    5 members Latest Activity: May 10, 2012

    The LoCu ℠ or Local Coupon bring you offers from your locally owned and operated  small businesses and merchants in Blacksburg and around the…

  • Coalition for Justice

    3 members Latest Activity: Jul 11, 2012

    The Coalition for Justice, was founded in 1981, in response to the Reagan administration's support for the Salvadoran government's violent…

  • Over Occupancy in Blacksburg Neighborhoods

    2 members Latest Activity: Feb 2, 2012

    This group is for the citizens of Blacksburg, neighborhoods, Town Staff and elected officials  to aggregate, collect, discuss and maintain a…

  • Occupy Blacksburg - Local Gov Group

    4 members Latest Activity: Feb 1, 2012

    This is the public discussion and info sharing group for Occupy Blacksburg  on issues related to local government.  Our local government bodies…

  • Blacksburg / Virginia Tech Town / Gown CRC

    6 members Latest Activity: Feb 12, 2012

    Our Mission: The Town Gown Committee is an organization that brings together our community by facilitating open   communication, identifying…

  • 100 Block of Wilson Avenue

    5 members Latest Activity: Aug 24, 2011 This is the community group for the 100 block of Wilson AV in Blacksburg, VA 24060.  Group conversations are private to the outside world, but open…

  • Nine

    9 members Latest Activity: Feb 5, 2012 This is a group for the Blacksburg 9

  • G for Gabriele

    18 members Latest Activity: Feb 12, 2012 Citizens to elect Matt Gabriele to the Montgomery County Board of Supervisors (District G).

  • United Way Collaborations: Business and Community Organizations Team

    6 members Latest Activity: Apr 25, 2011

    The purpose of the group is to pursue, build and maintain partnerships between businesses, faith-based organizations, government entities, and…

  • Broadband 2015

    8 members Latest Activity: Jul 13, 2012 To provide ideas, insights, awareness of ways in which Blacksburg can sustain its image as a technology-advanced community.  In the 1990s, Blacksburg…

  • Off Campus Fraternity Leadership

    2 members Latest Activity: Aug 30, 2011 This is the group for members of that Blacksburg Community to converse with the leadership of Greek Life who's houses reside in Blacksburg's…

  • Democracy Prevails

    43 members Latest Activity: Nov 18, 2012

    The Democracy Prevails Political Action Committee is an organization that supports political activism and promotes progressive…

  • BHP working group

    2 members Latest Activity: Mar 9, 2012

    John, Mark and Mike's group

  • ConviviumNRV

    3 members Latest Activity: Apr 10, 2012

    Community building through an online forum and live, festive events.

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