Hi everyone. I wanted to take a moment to share my thoughts on why you should support the following candidates when you vote on Tues. November 6, 2012.  First, please take note of the following important information: 

Find where you vote -- https://www.voterinfo.sbe.virginia.gov/PublicSite/Public/FT2/Public...

Bring ID to vote -- http://www.sbe.virginia.gov/votinginperson.html


People often ask my why I ran for political office – what my “thing” was. My thing is education because it makes us better citizens, better participants in our democracy, but also because it’s a path to prosperity for all Americans. All of the candidates below recognize this simple fact and so I strongly endorse:

PRESIDENT -- Barack Obama, www.barackobama.com

Although he hasn't been able to accomplish everything that he was working for in 2008, we have made incredible progress under his leadership. His is a vision of a more inclusive society one that emphasizes a care for the country's quality of life, not a corporation's bottom line. And when we all pull together, we all get ahead.  Shortly after he took office, in June 2009, the unemployment rate in Montgomery County was 8.2%. It's now 6%. Forward.

SENATOR -- Tim Kaine, www.kaineforva.com

The thing that impresses me most about Tim Kaine is how devoted he is to supporting public education -- not simply in lip service but in real dollars. When Gov. Kaine left office in 2010, his budget limited the scope of budget cuts on public schools and found other areas in which he could trim expenses. His successor, who strongly endorses Gov. Kaine's opponent, has foisted more than $10 million in cuts to Montgomery County Public Schools alone. This is unacceptable. We need a voice in Washington who will speak for us. That's Tim Kaine.

CONGRESS (9th CD) -- Anthony Flaccavento, www.flaccaventoforthe9th.com

Although you might not have heard much (yet) about Mr. Flaccavento, you will. He is an impressive man, if you get to meet him. While Morgan Griffith spends most of his time working with lobbyists in Washington, not even bothering to come back to SW Virginia after the tornado tore through Draper, Mr. Flaccavento has worked in communities throughout the district. His focus is on economic issues that directly effect SW Virginia, not trying to privatize Social Security or end Medicare. He will ably represent us -- all of us -- in Congress.


COMMONWEALTH'S ATTORNEY -- Peggy Frank, www.peggy-frank.com

I was happy I attended the debate in Blacksburg between the 2 candidates for this office because it put into stark relief the choice for voters in November. Ms. Pettitt seems to be an able prosecutor, which is appropriate for an assistant Commonwealth's Attorney. Peggy Frank, on the other hand, understands that the office of Commonwealth's Attorney doesn't mean spending MORE time in a courtroom, it means seeking justice, managing people, and representing the interests of our whole community. She is an able prosecutor but also has ideas to save Montgomery County's citizens money by bringing that office into the 21st century.


Passing this amendment would severely limit the ability of governments (particularly at the local level) to purchase citizens' property under eminent domain. The problem here, to my mind, is the section of the amendment on "speculative damages," which is so poorly worded that even a well-meaning, properly executed sale of land could potentially bankrupt the county. For more, see http://www.fredericksburg.com/News/FLS/2011/112011/11302011/667891/...


QUESTION 2 -- No opinion

Passing this amendment to the VA Constitution would allow the legislature to postpone convening a "veto" session by no more than 1 week. Although this might allow for a cooling off period within which to consider bills again, I'm hesitant to modify our constitution on such a matter. As such, I have no formal position on this amendment.


Thanks to you all for your time. I hope you're all well and look forward to continuing to work with you in the coming years.


Matt Gabriele

Democratic Supervisor (District G)

Montgomery County, VA



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