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Who Am I? My name is Mike Hudson I've made my home in Blacksburg sine 1992, Downtown since 1998. I'm a computer guy and Gardner.  I've usually got my hands in the dirt in the cool part of the morning and I work on computers and design web pages when it warms up.  Progress & Main is my 5 to 9 if you'd like to call it that, but I'm dedicating a little more time to this Summer. Lately, I've designed the Citizens First web site, the BuildBHS.org site, the  Play Fair Tech Site, more than one political campaign site and helped maintain a few others as well as list-servs and a host of other community projects.

Why? Well, I originally created this online network as a way to connect the neighborhoods in Blacksburg.  That mission has evolved into the whole NRV and expanded into a site that is more comprehensive about the areas of our day to day lives.  Personally, I have been an advocate of open government, community building, localism, sustainable living and web 2.0 technology for quite a while.  There is also a great deal of publicly available content, of local interest, that is available, but not necessarily easy to find.  I've decided to aggregate that information along with the the technological tools to spread the word and to work on local issues on Progress And Main.  Imagine it as a Facebook for the NRV. - But better!

I wanted an online forum to connect all of the various groups and to connect with my fellow citizens, local government and state institutions (mostly Virginia Tech & Radford)  where the overlapping community groups can share  mutual interests and develop best practices.  I wanted an informal place where people could gather on line, share their ideas and concerns, and ask other questions. I wanted a place that could serve as a repository of institutional knowledge and experiences of both full time "Townies" (like I consider myself) that might not have access to the on-line assets of these state intuitions, my neighbors that are unaffiliated with Virginia Tech, Radford or New River Community College, local businesses and our student populations - International students, Grad Students, student groups that are interested collaborating with the "full time" residents of the towns and Counties in the NRV or just looking for a place to live that suits their lifestyle and attracts those with similar interests and values to our community.

And thus, ProgressAndMain.com was born. I hope you enjoy it and please let me know how we can take it to the next level.

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